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Holiday Hearing Hints

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Socialize more with less effort this holiday season

Hearing in background noise that includes holiday music, children playing, glasses clinking and more can be especially hard when you have hearing loss. Ask the host to lower the volume on the holiday music and make sure the room is well lit, so you can better see facial expressions.

Stay connected during holiday fun

On the go with a full schedule of holiday activities? Put in fresh hearing aid batteries before leaving the house when holiday shopping or traveling, to ensure you never lose power. Also, make sure that your hearing aids are cleaned and performing optimally.

Share and hear during holiday traditions

Make meaningful connections with your grandchildren this holiday season. Share a favorite holiday story, bake cookies, decorate the house – whatever makes the holidays special for your family. Help your grandchildren understand that hearing loss can sometimes make it difficult for you to hear them. Simple tips, such as asking them to get your attention first or to turn off the TV, can make communication easier. Also, if sitting at a table, try sitting across from them or at a round table to make communication easier.

A healthy hearing Holiday resolution

Make regular hearing checks part of your Holiday resolutions. A hearing evaluation performed by a Doctor of Audiology is quick, painless and an easy way to invest in your long-term health. Untreated hearing loss can have a negative impact on speech understanding, comprehension and other cognitive activities. Actively wearing hearing aids prescribed by a Doctor of Audiology helps keep you mentally fit by reducing the risk of cognitive decline.

Begin your Holiday resolution by calling our office to schedule a comprehensive hearing evaluation, (570) 724-4042