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Hearing the Sounds of Autumn

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Here are our favorite sounds of Autumn that we don’t want you to miss!
Walking through the leaves ~ Seeing the various colors of the leaves on a tree is a beautiful sight, but the sounds of the leaves crunching under your feet is a beautiful sound.  Are you missing this sound?
Wind ~ The sound of the wind flowing through the woods, leaves and branches on the trees makes for a peaceful and serene sound from Mother Nature.  Can you hear the wind?
Fall Showers ~ The sound of rain drops on the leaves, in puddles and on rooftops is a soothing, calming sound.  Are you hearing the rain drops.
Bonfires ~ The sounds of the flames crackling bringing back memories of our childhood, roosting marshmallows over the open flame.  Can you hear the crackling?
The sounds of Autumn are beautiful, put on your sneakers and go for a walk in the woods and enjoy what Mother Nature and God has given us.  Before you know it Old Man Winter will be upon us!
Happy Fall!


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