Hearing Aid Fitting And Repair

Hearing aids are designed for long-term performance but hearing aids require some upkeep from time to time.

Once you have had a hearing aid evaluation where we choose the hearing aids that are right for you, you will be seen for a hearing aid fitting. This is where the audiologist will program them to your specific prescription which is devised from your hearing test. There will be a custom fitting for your unique ear as well.

Also, the audiologist will give you information on:

  • How to insert and remove the hearing aids
  • How to clean and care for them
  • How to change the batteries

You will have a follow up appointment in one to two weeks after your initial fitting. During this time, patients generally have a list of question. It is a good idea to bring a close friend or family member to help remember all of the information you will be given at this appointment.

It may take time to adjust to the new hearing environment, but what you are hearing should eventually be clear, comfortable, and pleasant. If it is not so, some minor changes may be made. To help with this process, there may be a short survey or list of questions to answer to better understand your hearing experience.

Hearing Aid Repair

As with any type of technology and/or device, there is bound to be malfunctions eventually. However, we aim to provide a service that makes the repair of a hearing aid as affordable and hassle-free as possible.

Benefits of repair with your hearing professional facility:

  • Save time & money
  • Direct communication with the people repairing your hearing aid.
  • Ability to repair any age or brand of hearing aid

If a repair is out of our scope of ability within our office, we may send your hearing aids back to the manufacturer. In this event, we will strive to make the process a breeze. Per manufacturer warranty and repair processes, we will let you know exactly what to expect.

We want your hearing aid repair to happen as quick and efficient as possible! We make it a priority to put you first and help you hear as best as you can.

Let’s make your hearing the best it can possibly be by working together!
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