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Improving your natural hearing ability requires an appropriate hearing device.

At North Central Hearing Associates, our goal is to help you find the right hearing aid that fits your needs. Whether your kind of hearing loss requires specific device features, or you simply want to make a budget-conscious decision, we have the solution for you! There are a variety of hearing aid brands available and you can read more about the hearing aid manufacturers below:

Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon was founded over 100 years ago! They continuously develop new models that assist in making sounds clearer and allowing you to interpret what you’re hearing with ease.

Recently, Oticon has introduced BrainHearing™ and OpenSound Navigator™, two platforms that assess your surroundings 100 times per second to provide you with natural and balanced hearing. By taking on much of the work your brain tends to do, Oticon’s devices allow you to enjoy any activities you desire.

Oticon’s latest line, Opn, integrates Bluetooth capability along with a rechargeable battery for the ultimate in convenience. Add to this their Tinnitus SoundSupport™ and you have one device that does it all.

Some of the most popular Oticon hearing aids are: Xceed, CROS and Opn.

We find that patients see immense success with Oticon products. To learn more about their full lineup of hearing aids, visit their website here.


Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak is a household name that’s known for making quality and diverse products. Phonak’s line of hearing aids tackle even the most challenging hearing impairments. From utilizing the latest technology to creating devices that are fun for children to wear, they aim to offer a full array of hearing aids for everyone.

Phonak offers advanced features including rechargeable batteries, titanium construction, and the implementation of easy to use wireless accessories. Some of the most popular products include: Lyric™, Audéo™ Marvel, Bolero™ Marvel and Sky™ Marvel.

Many patients find success with Lyric™, an extended-wear device that sits deep within the ear canal. With the ability to wear it for months on end, it is discrete and comfortable, and gives you clear hearing while being virtually invisible.

Phonak continues to pave the way in hearing aid technology by offering robust features and intuitive design. To learn more about their products, visit the Phonak website here.


ReSound Hearing Aids

ReSound, which was founded in 1943 by Dr. Rodney Perkins at Stanford University, offers a range of hearing aids to meet every unique budget, lifestyle, and type of hearing loss. By combining breakthroughs in technology with common sense design, they’ve become a favorite of patients and hearing healthcare professionals alike.

ReSound’s iSolate Nanotech™ coatings protect each hearing aid from moisture damage, and their unique microphone design works with your ear anatomy to provide clear sounds like never.

Some of the most popular products include ENZO and LiNX because they include a variety of features and functions and allow you to utilize several smartphone apps that make using your hearing aid very easy. To learn more about the options available from ReSound, visit their website here.


Starkey Hearing Aids

Starkey’s technology has only continued to advance for the last several decades. Based out of Minnesota, their early success allowed the company to rapidly expand and pave the way for hearing aid advancements across the globe. Completely revolutionizing the hearing aid industry in the 1990’s, and now with over 500 people in their Research & Development department, they work diligently to offer patients the latest options on the market.

Wireless connectivity is foundational within their product line-up, and patients find that their Made for iPhone® hearing aids allow them to better engage in conversations with friends and loved ones over the phone. Whether you’re in a crowded room or want to stream music directly to your devices while at home, Starkey has a product that will work for you.

Since each type of hearing loss requires a different solution, Starkey aims to create a wide range of products that enhance your hearing ability with ease. Learn more about their hearing aids by visiting their website here.


At North Central Hearing Associates our goal is your satisfaction. Every pair of hearing aids we offer is accompanied by a money-back guarantee, so you literally have nothing to lose. With a risk-free trial period that allows you to test them out in a variety of situations and environments, we’re sure you’ll find devices that you love. Your success is our success!

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